Say You Dont Want It

da pandai minat lagu owang puteh la.. haha
ari nie...
aku na citer sikid..
akuh minat gile one night only :) 
korang na tgok video dea ?
tgok bawah nie ....
korang na tao bio dea org ?

North Yorkshire indie rock quintet One Night Only came together in 2003, initially playing a selection of covers and originals, but lacking in the vocal department. Members Mark Hayton (guitars, vocals), Daniel Parkin (bass), Sam Ford (drums), and lead guitarist Kai Smith finally located a vocalist in George Craig, but his desire to handle both frontman and lead axeman duties led to the departure of founder Smith. The new line up performed their first gig in December of 2003, and eventually fleshed out their sound with the addition of keyboardist Jack Sails. In 2007, One Night Only released their first single, "You and Me," and was followed up by the top ten charting follow up, "Just for Tonight," in January of 2008. That month also saw the release of the band's first full-length, Started A Fire, which managed a respectable chart placing.

#nampak sangat copy paste :)
haha :)

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